Monday, November 14, 2005

WOD Monday November 14, 2005

Wheelbarrow loaded with four 45 lb plates, one 36 lb KB
60 lb pack, tire drag, 44 lb KB carry

Did this with a partner. I took the pack, tire and KB first. We did 20 KB swings (back pack on), then trudged up hill 50 yards. Then 10 snatches each arm followed by 50 more yards to the top of the hill where we did 10 clean and jerks with each arm. We went back down the hill to the mid point for 10 pushups and to the bottom for 20 more swings. We ran the 400 meters to and from Jennifer's house (I carried a 30 pound sand bag) and then we switched gear. Jennifer just drug the tire and I carried both bells. Thus we both got a great workout and one that is easily scalable.

Situps on incline board
Hollow Rock
Leg thrusters/Leg slams
Leg lifts while hanging from rings
Ab Mat
Ab Roller
Situps on GHD
Knee ups posted on rings

Did this 4x through with the Tabata count (20 sec on 10 sec off) and switched exercises each time.

For the afternoon group we started with this ab blaster as a warm up and then did.

21-15-9 of the triplet
170 pound Hex Bar DL
20 inch Box Jump
52 lb KB Swings (44 for Kelly)

Keith finished in 7:30, his daughter Kelly (19) in 9:00.

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