Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's in a Name?

Tire Rotation

This one will be where there are D-balls and weighted basketballs around a big tire. You do a burpee to the ball with a pushup, stand with a full squat clean, stand and jerk the ball over head, slam the ball and immediately jump onto the tire. Each person then moves to the left to the next ball and does it again. Typically we do 5 people on 5 balls for 3 trips around.

Road Rage

Same start as above with the burpee, clean and jerk, slam and jump but then add a tire flip, a jump into and out of the tire to the other side where there is another ball waiting and do it again back the other way for a total of 10 trips, where each flip counts as one.

Jelly Roll

Get a big tire - we use a 300 pounder and find a hill. Simply roll it up the hill as fast as you can either with two hand pushes or one handed alternating pushes. Have people follow the Jelly Roller as that heavy tire will be very hard to stop if it gets away.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesday March 28, 2006

With Tanya

DB Burpee/pushup
Stand to squat clean with DB's
Stand to push press
Second burpee/pushup
Jump to bar for pullover
x 5

Road Rage with 5 balls 20 to 35 lbs surrounding tractor tire
Squat clean ball from deck
Stand and jerk ball overhead
Slam and immediately jump onto tire
Jump off and rotate to the left to the next ball
x 3 laps around tire

10 pullups
15 Jumping ring dips
20 10 sledgehammer hits to large tire
15 KB swings
10 Wall ball shots
x 3 for time Tanya in 11:00 Eugene in 8:20

KB work all 10 reps each
2 hand swing-release-tap-catch
Same with 1 hand
Same but alternating each swing
Snatch catch - lower - press and change hands
Clean catch - press and change hands
Around body pass - between legs- uppercut pass
Same but with forward flip
Alligator walk

Facing each other in big tire - feet hooked on opposite side
Situp tosses with 20 lb ball x 20
Same without ball x 20

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tire Pull, Sandbag Carry

Two tire pull set ups
Two sandbags - we used 40 pounders

We had four folks so we had two teams of two. Each team ran down to the mailbox, exchanged devices and ran back to the start for 5 round trips. The bag has to be carried in anyway but on the shoulder. Winners put the equipment away.

Tire Rotation for Four

One mondo big tire
One 10 pound sledgehammer
One truck tire, pull harness and cable
One 200 pound tire to flip

Everything hinges on the tire puller. He drags the tire 50 yards to the mailbox (or other suitable marker) while the three others are beating the big tire with the sledgehammer, jumping onto the same tire the other guy is beating or flipping the tire. When the tire puller gets to the mailbox he runs back and replaces whoever is on the sledgehammer, and that person moves to the tire jump, and that person moves to the tire flip, and that person runs down and gets the tire and brings it back to the start. The rotation continues until the flipping tire has made it down to the mail box and back.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Death to Moderation

200 meter row
30 Thai kicks to heavy bag
40 high bench quick steps
50 flutter kicks
20 two hand swings

200 meter row
20 barbell cleans
20 squat jumps to tire or box
20 ring pushups
20 incline situps

200 meter row
20 KB snatches (10/10)
20 hollow rock
20 GHD situps
20 slams

200 meter row
20 barbell clean and jerk
20 pullups
20 box jumps
20 V-sits

200 meter row
20 see-saw press (10/10)
10 over/unders (jump over, crawl under bench)
10 4-way box jumps
10 toes to bar

Eug 29:25
Monty 43:40
Loree 35:05
Scott 39:35
Tanya 36:37

Quick Sweat

KB swing and flip, catch, down swing then SDLHP, release and catch the bottom of the bell as you go to a full squat, stand the push the bell upward and catch the handle to begin again.
Wall Ball
Rage Ball
Pushups/Ring Dips

Done for time with reps of 10-8-6.

We did this one after the Tire Rotation below.

Tire Rotation

One large tractor tire
Two truck tires with cable and pull harness
50 yards of asphalt
4 people willing to suffer

Put two in the tire pull harnesses and send them off to the mailbox while the other two alternate flipping and then jumping into and out of the tire. As soon as the pullers get to the mailbox, they dump the harnesses and switch places with the flippers. The old flippers now run the tires back to the start while the new flippers get the tire as far down the road as they can. They keep switching places until someone passes out, at which time only one tire would be pulled back and forth and the 3 would cycle thorugh each job one at a time, or until they get the big tire back to the starting point.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Death to the Infidel

Motivated by the Nasty Girls video on the CF website I modified the workout a bit to be doable by those not blessed with superhuman powers. Since none of us can do muscle ups I replace them with 5 pullups and 5 dips done 5 times for each rotation:

Run 400 yards
30 air squats
15 Clean and Jerks with 95 lbs
5 pullups 5 ring dips x 5

This was repeated 3 times and our times ranged from 22 to 30 minutes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday March 13, 2006

Beat the tire (sledge hammer and clubbells) 1 min
Burpee Rage Tire - Rage box with a burpee to start onto tire x 10

Burpee Rage Tire
Jump into tire - out - in the next one - out
3 cleans
3 dips
3 pullups
10 swings
x 6

KB swing with flip x 10
Around the body pass 1 min
Add uppercut pass for 10 reps
One hand swing, squat clean, jerk swing flip to switch x 10
Two hand swing-SDLHP to catch to squat clean-stand and push bell skyward to catch x 10
Turkish get up x 2

10 sec on 20 sec off L-sit x 8

Monday March 12, 2006

Valeo ball run 1/4 mile throwing ahead to a partner
Team tire flips - jump in and out of tire after each flip
Slam ball hang squat clean - toss to partner

Colleen and Jerk x 5
Run 25 yards 5 pushups
Run 25 yards 5 pullups
Colleen and Jerk x 5 other arm
Same runs
Lawnmower pull snatch x 10
Same runs
Other arm
Same runs
Power Clean & Jerk
Same runs
Other arm
Same runs

3 x skin the cat
5 toes to bar
5 knees to elbows
5 roller
10 hollow rock
x 2

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thursday March 9, 2006

Boxing Pad Drills

4-punch blitz
2 skip knees
Jab - X - Hook - X
Duck + X Hook X
Jab - X - Hook
Duck + Hook X Hook

Thai Pad Drills

Low inside left kick
to 2 right Thai kicks
Low inside right kick
to 2 left Thai kicks

DL + Tire Jump x 3
Rage Tire
In and out of Tire to
Rage Box
Up and over box to
BB Snatch
x 5

Wednesday March 8, 2006

Beat the tire - sledgehammer or 15 lb Clubbell x 1 min
Tire flip + jump 2 min
Tire rage ball 1 min
x 2

Squat clean/Thruster
5 x 5

Hot potato x 20
Around the body pass 1 min
Alternating uppercut pass x 10
2 hand swing with flip x 15
SDLHP to squat clean + press to swing + flip x 10

Tuesday March 7, 2006

DB hang squat C & J x 10 Left Arm
Run 25 yards 5 pushups
Run 25 yards 5 pullups
DB hang squat C & J x 10 Right Arm
Run pushups/pullups
DB Thruster
Run pushups/pullups
DB Snatch
Run pushups/pullups

5 balls around edge of tire from 25 to 35 lbs
One person lines up on each ball
Hang squat clean and slam plus jump
Switch with each jump for 5 full rotations

2 tire flips jump in and out
3 cleans with 115 lbs
5 swings with 52 lbs
5 ring dips
5 pullups
x 5

Saturday March 4, 2006


Colleen and Jerk + 2 box jumps holding DBs
DL 190# x 5
Tire flip and jump in and out x 4
3 cleans with 115#
6 Push Press with 95#
10 Rage Box
10 Swings
10 Wall Ball
10 Pullups
10 Ring Dips
x 2

Thursday March 2, 2006

Rage Ball + Toss x 10
Rage ball + Tire Flip + Toss x 1

Eug 9:34
Keith 11:50
Loree 11:50
Monty 10:19 (2x)

Colleen and Jerk
DL 190 x 3
Tire Jump in and out
Clean 115 x 3
x 3

30 - 20 - 10 Jumping ring dips

Collen and Jerk with 2 jerks
Tire and box jumps
Rage ball 25# x 10
DB swing 52# x 10
WB x 10
Dip x 10
x 2

Tuesday February 28, 2006

Valeo Ball Bounce
Net - Ladder - Rope x 2
Tire Flip x 10
Ball Slam x 30

Little Fran 15 - 12 - 8

BB Squat Clean x 8
Colleen and Jerk x 8

2 Hand C & J
2 x 10