Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mae West

Put a couple of tractor tires side by side and arrange various implements around them. I put D-Balls in the two creases where the tires come together for Tire Rage. I also have a hex bar for DL and tire jumps, a barbell loaded for clean and jerks and another for snatches. A pair of KB's for thrusters and a pair of dumbbells for Colleen and Jerk. I use this as a warm up with 3 laps around and two of each exercise. You could up the reps and sets and make it a crushing workout.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


DB Thruster with 35 lbs
Ring Dips
KB Swing

Reps of 15-12-9 for time

Micah in 7:35 with this comment on the board:

Apparently the fact that breathing is a necessity for living wasn't taken into consideration when "Olivia" was constructed. HOLY CRAP! After the first set of 15 (ea. exercise) I had to stop during each set. I couldn't catch my breath. My lungs and chest wall were competing for space. It was a turf war. Lungs won.

Tuesday April 25, 2006

Chandra, Tanya, Jennifer, Gary and me

3 balls run and throw

DL + Jump - Snatch/Front Squat/Thruster - C & J
Three reps of each followed by a 40 yard sprint for 3 circuits

DB Walk to grate, 3 x Colleen and Jerk. To Gate with bells held at the clean, Burpee Thruster x 3, Waiter walk back to grate C & J again, switch to driveway.

Knees to elbows x 5
Hollow rock x 10
GHD situp x 10
Ab Roller x 8

4 times through
Mae West

Two big tires side by side (thus the name) with the following implements surrounding them:

At the crease where the two tires touch are 25 lb D-balls. The indent of the tires allows for a space for your head when you do burpees and you jump one foot on each tire.

Looking at the tires like a pair of headlights at 1 o'clock on the right tire is the hex bar loaded to 200 lbs for DL and tire jump. At 5 o'clock is a pair of 36 lb kettlebells for clean-squat-thruster. At 7 o'clock is one of the D-balls. Around 8 o'clock on the left tire is a 115 lb barbell for clean and jerk, At 10 o'clock is 75 lbs for the snatch at 12 o'clock is a pair of 35 lb dumbbells for Colleen and jerk with a burpee and then in the crease is the other D-Ball.

Two laps around is a great warm up, more for a full on workout.

Tire Trouble Chandra 18:00, Jennifer 18:40, Eug 15:08, Gary 16:36. Pushup - Pullup - Rollup

PM Workout Scott

Pushup - Pullup - Rollup

DB Thruster
Tire Rage
Hammer Hits

16-12-8 in 10:09

Sunday April 23, 2006


Helen: 9:50

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday April 22, 2006

Pushup - Pullup - Rollup

DB Thruster
Tire Rage
Hammer Hits

For reps of 16-12-8

Loree 8:05
Lisa 8:35

Angie .4 Lisa 5;58
Loree 6:15


Same workouts/no Angie

Bob 10:55
Eug 6:55

Thursday April 20, 2006

KB Lifts

Pushup - Pullup - Rollup x 10

Two laps around the tires with DL, Snatch, two separate ball slams, DB Thrusters, Clean and Jerk and tire jumps after each.

DB Thruster
Tire Rage
Tire Hammer Hits

Reps of 16-12-8

Tom 6:50
JD 7:15
Mark 7:15
Eugene 7:20
Erik 8:22
Chris 9:04
Kristi 9:42
Jim 9:54
Phil 10:01
Kevin 10:11

Wednesday April 19, 2006

Tire Trouble

Eugene 14:55
Tanya 15:26
Gary 15:36
Bob 17:22

Tire Madness (Tire Trouble with 2 people and two tires)

Loree 24:04
Keith 25:15

Tuesday April 18, 2006

Snatch-Front Squat-Thruster x 3
Sprint uphill 40 yards

x 8 rotationg through 4 people

Tire Trouble - 2 drag tires, 2 big tires, 2 sledgehammers

Two people drag the tires to the mailbox, shed the tires, do 10 pushups, run to the garbage cans do 10 hollow rocks, then run to Jennifer's house for 10 squats. Run all the way back to the start (200 yards) and do 10 hammer hits and 10 tire jumps. The other two start with the hammer hits and tire jumps and when done run to the mail box pick up the drag harnesses and run the tires to the garbage can after doing the 10 pushups. Alternate like this until the tires make it all the way to and from Jennifer's driveway.

Monday April 17, 2006

Tire rotation to warm up with burpee, full squat clean, jerk, ball slam and tire jump at each of 5 tires for 3 laps.

Clean and Jerk
Alligator Crawl

For 15-12-9

Tanya 6:38
Chandra 7:02
Bob 7:15
Gary 7:22
Jennifer 7:36
Shanna 7:44
Brian 9:04

DL + Tire jump
DB Thrusters
Tire hits x 2
Ring dips

Reps of 12-8-6

Micah did Runny Cindy in 19:08 (400m runs)

Saturday April 15, 2006

Lisa - Loree

One large tire, 20 lb dumbbells at 3 and 9, 25 lb D-ball at 12 and 6. Rage ball with each stop at the balls and Collen and Jerk with a burpee to start at the dumbbells and a jump on the tire at the end of each for 3 laps around the tire.

KB lifts

Single dumbbell clean and jerk
Alligator crawl

For reps of 15-12-9 for time

Loree 7:47
Lisa 8:45

Friday April 14, 2006

Bob, Tanya, Brian, Gary

KB work

2 hand swing
2 hand swing with release-tap-catch
2 hand swinga with flip
One hand alternating DARC swing
Snatch to high catch - lower and squat - stand and press throw to opposite hand
Around body and through legs pass
Hot potato
Cleand and Jerk
Turkish Get up

Thursday April 13, 2006


Eugene 8:52
Erik 9:12
Tanya 11:19
Loree 11:40
Bob 12:55
Scott 13:40
Jennifer 14:20

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Road Rage

Bob 3:45
Tanya 3:22

I have a deck of cards and on each card I have written down exercises such as pullups, ball slams, swings, rowing, rage ball, skin the cat, knees to elbows and so on. I dealt a 10 card hand to Bob and Tanya and off they went for time. The number of reps is indicated by the number of the card except for cards 1, 2 and 3 which I made higher rep numbers.

In the afternoon Keith showed up for Helen and brought his time down from 12:45 to 12:22.

Tuesday April 11, 2006

Tire Rotation
Burpee + Colleen and Jerk + Pullover

Single DB thruster
Ring Dips
Reps of 15-12-9

Eugene 4:35
Erik 5:35
Tanya 6:35
Chandra 7:34
Jennifer 8:52
Gary 8:50
Brian 13:22

Scott 9:41

Keith 9:15
Lorree 8:20

Monday April 10, 2006

Road Rage

Bob 3:45

Row 200
Thrusters 65/50/45
Ring Pullups (heels on box)
Ring Pushups

12-8-6 reps for each event after the row.

Sunday April 9, 2006

Valeo Ball Bounce


Eugene 20
Lisa 14
Bob 8

Saturday April 8, 2006

Tire Rotation
Collen and Jerk and pullover



Scott 10:44
Keity 11:21
Lisa 9:28
Theresa 11:48

Friday April 7, 2006

Tire Rotation
Colleen and Jerk and pullover



Tom 2:47
Eugene 3:05
Kristi 5:04 (missed reps)
Phil 5:18
Chris 3:49
Kevin 5:28
Jim 5:35

Scott 10:44
Keith 11:21
Lisa 9:28
Theresa 11:46

Wednesday April 5, 2006

25 lb DB Thrusters
Pullups with green band
Ring dips with jump and lower
Swings 44 lb

Tanya 7:23

KB lifts
DL starting with 5 x 5 format, dropping to 3 reps at 170

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Barbell Colleen and Jerk (One squat clean and 3 jerks) x 6
50 yard tire drag
10 pushups
Leave tire and run 75 yards
10 hollow rocks
Run 75 yards
10 squats
Run 150 yards back to tire
Recover tire and drag back to start
20 sledgehammer hits to tire
10 Tire jumps

Twice through for time

Eugene 10:52
Tanya 11:30
Bob 14:35
Scott 14:20

Two wasn't enough. Next time we will do this one for 3 sets.

Monday April 3, 2006

Ring Dips

Reps of 15-12-9

Chandra 9:12
Jennifer 11:21

Sunday April 2, 2006

Tire Rotation
Burpee/Colleen and Jerk/Pullover

Ring Dips
KB Swings

Reps of 15-12-9

Eugene 7:05
Scott 11:29
Bob 11:49

Saturday April 1, 2006

Valeo Ball Bounce

Road Rage
Bob 3:13
Loree 3:09
Chandra 2:45
Lisa 2:54
Theresa 3:10
Eugene 2:07
Scott 2:35

Jelly Roll
Tire Flip and jump through

Thursday March 30, 2006

Tire rotation 5 balls 3 times around

Burpee/Colleen and Jerk/Burpee and pullover x 5

FGB Format two times through

Tire hits with 10 lb sledge
Wall ball
DL + Box Jump
Jumping Dips
Road Rage

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wednesday March 29, 2006

Jelly Roll - 300 lb tire rolled uphill about 40 yards as fast as possible.

Burpee + Colleen and Jerk + Burpee + Pullover x 6 (Sub for those who can't do a bar pullover is to do one pull up and one toes to bar)

Road Rage x 10

Fight Gone Bad Tanya 254

Met Con 2

Met Con 2 is Runny Cindy which we did down at the February Cert. Down there we did a 600 yard run but mine is 400 just because that's how far it is to Jennifer's house at the end of the block. Run 400 then do 5 sets of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats and repeat this 3 times.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Met Con 1

I am starting a list of metabolic conditioning workouts and the first one is Met Con 1. I would suppose the next one will be Met Con 2. We did Colleen and Jerk with a barbell (one squat clean with 3 jerks) for 6 reps, and then drug a tire about 70 yards to the mailbox. Dump the tire harness and do 10 pushups, run 70 more yards and do 10 hollow rocks and 70 more to Jennifer's driveway and do 10 squats. Run back to your tire harness and drag it back to the start and hit the big tire with a sledgehammer for 20 reps, then jump on the tire 10 times and start over. Do this 3 times and you will cures tire manufacturers before you are through.

Band Levers

Hook a pair of Iron Woody or similar bands to an overhead support, a pullup bar is what I used, set up so the bottom is about chest high. I used green bands. Put your feet about a foot back from the bands, hold one in each hand and fall forward supporting your weight with your arms extended in line with your body. You will fall forward but you must keep a tight, hollow position with a slight parenthesis shape ( so that you don't fold hips to floor. To get back up pike at the hips and press your hands down into the bands. Avoid using your arm strength but use your core strength instead. Don't come all the way back up but rather keep your weight on your toes never letting your heels contact the ground once you begin. The longer you stay extended out over the bands, the farther you go down toward the ground, the less you push with your arms and the less time you spend in the up position the more effective the exercise becomes.