Monday, November 21, 2005

Kelsie's Naptime

When Chris "Ghost" Rather worked out with Rhabdo and me the other day he mentioned that he usually worked out at home during his daughter's naptime...Kelsie's naptime. That had such a perfect ring to it for a workout name I left it written up on a white board until a workout came along that was particularly good. I found it this morning. Keith and Kelly suffered with me through 15-12-8-6 reps of #190 lb hex bar DL, 20" box jump while cleaning a 15 lb D-ball, 35 lb D-ball slams, 115 pound cleans (75 # for Kelly) charging through for time. I had a couple delays waiting for equipment but no more than 20 or 30 seconds at the most. Just over 12 minutes for me, just under 14 for Keith and 19 something for Kelly. The lower rep scheme had us moving faster and that made this quite the lung scorcher.


Tom said...


Looks like another good workout. Can an olympic bar be used for the deadlift? Is there an advantage to the hex bar for this lift? If you were going to buy one heavy ball would you remommend the Dyna Max ball or the D-Ball??


Eugene R. Allen said...

Yes on the Oly bar. In fact that was the alternate bar for when two of us were at that station at the same time. I like the hex bar because it allows for really good DL form even when you start to get tired and try to use your back more than you should. No problem if you don't have the Hex Bar - that's just what I used. You can do wall ball and any medicine ball workout with a D ball but you don't really want to slam a Dynamax ball. If you have to go with either or I would go for the D Ball. The advantage of the Dynamax ball is that it is big and a bit softer which is nice for throwing and catching but you can do that just fine with the D just have to be more careful because it is less forgiving if you catch it with your face.