Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday June 23, 2007

AM with Lance, Alex, Jennifer

Net-Ladder-Rope to warm up
KB Halo x 10 L, x 10 R
Partial Halo x 10
Standing KB Pullover x 10
Renegade Row x 5
Around the body pass
Add between and around legs pass
Add uppercut pass

1 and 2 hand variations
Release and catch
Walking DARC swings
Low-Middile-High swings x 10

Standard clean with arc
Straight pull
Clean Catch
Add thruster
Repeat entire series with the snatch

PM workout with Stuart and Dayna
Same workout as in the morning
Add heavy cleans and more reps
72-52-44 Clean for reps of 4, 6, 8
61-52-44 Push press for reps of 4, 6, 8
Walking DARC swing with flip

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