Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friday December 23, 2005

Three boxes lined up in a row with a 35 lb DBall in front of the first one, a hex bar with 190lbs in front of the second one and a 25 lb DBall in front of the third. Off to the side was a 62 lb KB. The drill goes as follows: Rage Box x 2 then jump from that box into the hex bar. Two DLs a jump, two more deads and another box jump and then to the third box for another set of Rage Box. Off to the KB for 2 clean and jerks with each arm and then 2 more times through.

62 lb KB swing x 10
62 lb KB stiff legged deadlift
44 lb SCaTS (Swing - Clean and Thruster - Snatch)

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