Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Monday December 19, 2005

Warm up

Yellow Rain 2 minutes (15lb, 25lb 35lb D balls) underhand throw for height, overhand throw for height and slam ball one after the other.
25lb Ball slam box jump 12-8-6 alternating with jump rope while partner slam/jumps

190lb DL/Box Jump 15-12-8 then Row/Ring Dips 15-12-8 for time. Keith in 8:40, Eugene in 6:40

Snatch-release-catch 35lb KB 12-8-6 back to back
2-hand swing -catch 44lb KB x 20
Straight pull clean 52lb KB 12-8-6 back to back
Clean and Jerk 36lb for 10, 44lb for 8, 52lb for 6 and 62lb for 4.

Bike on Computrainer for 3 miles, run on treadmill for 1 mile, row on C2 1,000 in 25:00.

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