Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday September 24, 2006

Black Diamond Olympic Distance Triathlon

I sucked. The 1.5k swm took me 35 minutes, the 26 mile bike was 1:16 and the 10k run was nearly an hour. Hard to do those without any tri training.

Kelsie's Naptime

Dayna 15:05
Stuart 17:00

Lenn and Wendy in the afternoon for an intro briefing, some kettlebell work and then 2 sets of Kelsie's Naptime for them, three for Bob and me.

Eugene 16:00
Bob 19:00
Lenn 13:22
Wendy 13:19

The workout calls for a 200 meter row but the 4 of us did about a 200 yard run or so uphill to the gate and back.

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