Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday June 16, 2006

Gene's Cloak of Despair

This is a modification of Latch's Jacket O' Pain to accomodate two people doing the workout with only one rowing machine. I decided on having two rows and two runs and then added some other exercises besides just the push press. Thus:

Row 1000/Run 800
Push Press 75 lbs 50 reps
Pullups 25
Ring Pushups 25

This is repeated 4 times with the second time through switching the row for the run or vice versa and the 3rd and 4th sets are 500 for the row and 400 for the run.

This was a brutal workout and took me 40:20 and Jennifer 44:09 using 35 lbs for the push press, ring pullups with her feet on the ground and knees on the ground pushups.

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