Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday August 28, 2007

Boxing timer set to buzz at 30 second intervals for 3 minutes with a one minute rest between rounds. There are 6 exercises in each 3 minute round with exercises changing every 30 seconds.

Round 1
Boxer's shuffle
Air Squat
KB Snatch left (36)
KB Snatch right

Round 2
Dynamax V-sit passing ball hands to feet
2-hand KB Swing (36 - 44)
Air squat snatch
Alternating KB press (36-44)
Jumping Pullups
Ball squat cleans

Round 3
Single KB clean and jerk (52)
Walking Lunges
Burpee Pullups
KB snatch left
KB snatch right
Jumping Dips

Run 400 and then repeat a second time

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