Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Monday November 5, 2007

A Nice Run Ruined

Run 400
21 KB Swings (52)
15 Ball slams (30)
9 Pullups

Run 400
21 KB Snatches (44)
15 Wall Ball (20)
9 Pullups

Run 400
21 DL (140-hex bar)
15 Ring Dips
9 Pullups

Run 400
21 Push Press (75)
15 Power Cleans (115)
9 Pullups
Once through for time

Lance 21:35
Alex 22:28

Landmine Alternating Thruster 10 total 35 to 65 lbs
Landmine Split Jerk 10 each hand 35 to 85 lbs
Muscle ups 10 with harness
1-hand swing/clean and jerk/snatch alternate for 10 total
Weighted pullups 4 reps, drop weight 6 reps drop more 8 reps without weight
OHS 10 reps round one 8 reps round 2 6 reps round 3

3 rounds

Stuart, Toni, Bob, Eug

I should post a video of Toni doing muscle ups in the harness. Amazing to see. She's OK when her shoulders are fresh but 30 muscle ups, even with the harness, is not something her shoulders are used to. The fight she has to get through the transition and up over the rings and then the struggle to lock out the dip is mesmerizing. She is devoted to each and every rep as if that rep alone defined her development. She is working to become a fire fighter and is one of the hardest workers in our gym.

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Micah said...

I did the Nice Run Ruined on 11-11.

Of course, I used DBs instead of KBs. I used 55 and 45 pound DBs respectively. I also used a 25 pound ball for slams and wall ball. Since I didn't have a hex bar for dead lift, I used a straight bar with 165 pounds on it. My time...22:00 exactly

I was sucking some wind at the end of this one and felt that Pukie was lurking over my shoulder. (I haven't felt his presence in quite some time.)

Good one.