Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday November 29, 2007

Lance was sick on the 27th so he did his pullup challenge today and got 33...well above his hoped for goal of 25.

Samantha (95 lb barbell)

Press 7-5-3
Push Press 7-5-3
Push Jerk 7-5-03
Pullups 21-15-9

This was created with 85 lbs in mind but Stuart suggested we do 95. Since Alex and I did Tabata Push Presses yesterday I wasn't too keen on that much weight...but I went along. Glad I did. I did 2:58 last time I did this and that was with 85 pounds. Clean the barbell and press it 7 times, then push press it 7 times and then finally push jerk it 7 times. Then go do 21 pullups. Next press it 5, push press it 5 and push jerk it for 5 and then do 15 pullups. Finally do the same thing with 3 reps each time and 9 pullups. A quick one but very potent. Kind of like Fran but without all the leg work.

Eugene 2:48
Stuart 3:00
Lance 5:41
Alex 6:27

Then we did some ab work which consited of:

Leg circles once each direction and 2 K2E repeated 5 times.
25 ab mat situps
15 GHD parallel holds with a vertical throw.
2 rounds

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