Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Monday January 9, 2006

0500 in Kennewick, Washington for a SWAT school, staying at a Best Western. I brought 5 kettlebells - 2-44's, 2-52's and a 62. We ran a mile and a half to warm up and then did a modified Helen. During a pre-run area check I found that the Home Depot across the street from the hotel had the perfect pull-up bars. Next time you go to a Home Depot check out the cart racks. They are made out of aluminum tubes and HD orange plastic sides. The run to the pullup bars was about 300 yards and once there we cranked out the 12 pullups and then ran back to the hotel awning for the swings: 21 with the 52 and 25 with the 44. After the 3 trips I stopped the clock at 14:15, Glen at 17:14, Chris at 17:26 and Mark at 18:00.

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