Friday, January 27, 2006

Thursday January 26, 2006

One 65, one 75 and assorted lighter weight sand bags
Chest high bar in Vulcan Rack
Pick up bags and toss them over the bar for 2 min.

65 lb on barbell
5 reps each of Thruster and Snatch then with 45 lb
one hand snatch 5 with each hand

4 in a circle with one 25lb D-ball, 1 20lb Dynamax ball
Slam the D-ball, toss the Dynamax ball for height for 2 min.

35 lb D-ball 15 inch box, 25 lb D-ball 20 inch box
Partner Slam Box (Slam - Clean - Toss - Jump)

Snatch Catch
Clean Catch Press
Swing-Clean-Push Press

SDLHP (44's)
Push Press (52's)
2-Hand Swing (72)
Clean and Jerk (62)

Performed as 8-6-4

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