Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesday March 28, 2006

With Tanya

DB Burpee/pushup
Stand to squat clean with DB's
Stand to push press
Second burpee/pushup
Jump to bar for pullover
x 5

Road Rage with 5 balls 20 to 35 lbs surrounding tractor tire
Squat clean ball from deck
Stand and jerk ball overhead
Slam and immediately jump onto tire
Jump off and rotate to the left to the next ball
x 3 laps around tire

10 pullups
15 Jumping ring dips
20 10 sledgehammer hits to large tire
15 KB swings
10 Wall ball shots
x 3 for time Tanya in 11:00 Eugene in 8:20

KB work all 10 reps each
2 hand swing-release-tap-catch
Same with 1 hand
Same but alternating each swing
Snatch catch - lower - press and change hands
Clean catch - press and change hands
Around body pass - between legs- uppercut pass
Same but with forward flip
Alligator walk

Facing each other in big tire - feet hooked on opposite side
Situp tosses with 20 lb ball x 20
Same without ball x 20

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