Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's in a Name?

Tire Rotation

This one will be where there are D-balls and weighted basketballs around a big tire. You do a burpee to the ball with a pushup, stand with a full squat clean, stand and jerk the ball over head, slam the ball and immediately jump onto the tire. Each person then moves to the left to the next ball and does it again. Typically we do 5 people on 5 balls for 3 trips around.

Road Rage

Same start as above with the burpee, clean and jerk, slam and jump but then add a tire flip, a jump into and out of the tire to the other side where there is another ball waiting and do it again back the other way for a total of 10 trips, where each flip counts as one.

Jelly Roll

Get a big tire - we use a 300 pounder and find a hill. Simply roll it up the hill as fast as you can either with two hand pushes or one handed alternating pushes. Have people follow the Jelly Roller as that heavy tire will be very hard to stop if it gets away.

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