Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thursday August 10, 2006

Heavy Backpack (120) + Tire Drag + 40 lb DBs to mail box
Drop the tire, walk with backpack and dumbbells another 75 yards
Drop the dumbbells and walk to Jennifer's house
Back to dumbbells, pick them up and continue to tire
Pick up tire and trudge back to start
Tire drag with single DB held at chest to mail box
DB run with single DB at chest to Matties house (75 yards)
Sprint to Jennifer's driveway
50 4-count flutter kicks,
10 broad jumps then skip to dumbbells
Run with DB to tire
Backwards tire drag with DB held in both hands overhead
KB swing + snatch x 3
Clean + squat + press x 3
25 yard run after each exercise
Repeat a total of 5 times

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