Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tuesday August 1, 2006

Grab Bag

Into the back yard with kettlebells for some max distance throws and then the same with some rocks. Heavy rock pickups to a chest high wall. Waiters walk with KB back to the gym.

Tire flip for about 40 yards with jump throughs after each flip.

20 KB Swings
Tire run with harness for 50 yards to house driveway
10 pushups with hands on tire
10 squats butt to tire
10 overhead press with tire
Backwards run with tire to gym driveway
10 big tire hits with 10 pound sledge, 5 jumps x 5
Waiter's walk with dumbbell to fire hydrant and back - 40 yards uphill
10 DB snatches with each arm
Tire run with harness to mail box (50 yards) ditch the tire run to Jennifer's house 180 more yards or so
50 4 count flutter kicks
10 broad jumps
20 one legged hops
Skips back to tires
Backward run with tires to gym driveway
20 KB swings
5 KB press each arm
5 KB push press each arm
5 KB push jerk each arm

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