Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wednesday August 9, 2006

Tire Drag run to mailbox (50 yards)
15 pushups hands on tire
15 squats butt to tire
15 push presses head through tire
Bachwards Tire Drag to start
15 sledgehammer hits to big tire
10 52 lb KB Swings
5 Tire Jumps
2 x 20 lb DB Burpee Hops to grate (25 yards)
Run to Jennifer's house (200 yards)
2 x 20 lb DB Burpee Hops back to start
35 lb sandbag run up hill to gate 150 yards
15 pushups - 20 squats
35 lb sandbag run back to start
5 step ups on big tire with sand bag each leg
20 squats to big tire with sand bag on shoulders
Tire Drag to mailbox then sprint to Jennifer's house
50 4-count flutter kicks
10 broad jumps
20 one legged hops
Skips back to tires
Backwards tire pull back to start

Micah and Eug 22:44

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