Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday January 24, 2008

Big tire roll to gate
Small tire rope press up/tricep extension down hill
Tire pull with rope (36 lb KB inside) alt with
Waiter's walk with 44 lb KB x 3 40 yards each time
Over shoulder rope drag with tire/36 lb KB suitcase carry to mid block
(Six of us, 3 with tires, 3 with KB's)
Squat clean/thruster/snatch burpee x 10
Hop over three tires x 6
Alt. Tire thruster (10) Flip and Dip (5) x 3
Tire drag 50 yards, leave it and run back
Max snatches while partner is doing that
Tire pull with rope and suitcase carry back to gym


DB Thruster (35)
Ring Dips
KB Thruster (52)

Grant 6:06
Eugene 6:12
Nick 8:16
Alex 8:37
Lance 8:51
Toni 9:54

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