Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Band Levers

Hook a pair of Iron Woody or similar bands to an overhead support, a pullup bar is what I used, set up so the bottom is about chest high. I used green bands. Put your feet about a foot back from the bands, hold one in each hand and fall forward supporting your weight with your arms extended in line with your body. You will fall forward but you must keep a tight, hollow position with a slight parenthesis shape ( so that you don't fold hips to floor. To get back up pike at the hips and press your hands down into the bands. Avoid using your arm strength but use your core strength instead. Don't come all the way back up but rather keep your weight on your toes never letting your heels contact the ground once you begin. The longer you stay extended out over the bands, the farther you go down toward the ground, the less you push with your arms and the less time you spend in the up position the more effective the exercise becomes.

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