Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday December 17, 2007


Barbell Thruster (75)
Cleans (115)
Ring Pushups

Lance 15:06
Alex 15:27

Sweater of Discomfort

Sweater of Discomfort
Row 500
Push Press 50
Row 400
Push Press 40
Row 300
Push Press 30
Row 200
Push Press 20
Row 100
Push Press 10
Once through for time

Nick 15:59
Grant 16:10

The Nick and Grant workout was tight from start to finish. Nick is bigger and stronger, Grant is faster and more agile. Nick had the advantage on the rowing machine but he couldn't seem to shake Grant. Nick finished the row first but he went to the push press and while catching his breath Grant caught up. Nick said, "Man, I just can't shake him." It was tight to the finish and both made sweat angels. A good 20 minutes later Grant said, "I'm still not right."

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