Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday December 12, 2007

Rusty Mower

High Pull

The mower won't start and you have to pull it harder and harder. Give it 5 pulls with a bent over row, then 5 more with a high pull, then 5 more cleans and finish with 5 snatches. Then switch to the other hand and do the same. Next do 4 with each hand, then 3 and keep going on down to 1 of each for each arm. Use a 36 lb KB to start.


Squat Clean/Thruster
Power Clean/Push Jerk

Use a pair of 25 lb DB's to start and knock out 5 pushups with your hands on the DB handles. Then stand with the bells to a squat clean and come up to a thruster 5 times making sure you squat down deeply enough to touch at least on end of the DB to the floor. Finish with 5 power clean and push jerks. Start over with 4 of each then 3, 2, 1.

The 300

25 Pullups
50 Tire Jumps
50 Ring Pushups
50 ABMat Situps
50 KB Swings (44) 25/25
50 Ball Slams (25)
25 Pullups

One time through as fast as you can.

Three of us, Jack, Grant and me did the Rusty Mower first while Lance Alex and Nick did Revolution first. We Rusty Mowers did 1 of each 5 times, then 4 times and so on. That was very slow and inefficient. Lance, Alex and Nick did 5 rows, 5 high pulls, 5 cleans and 5 snatches and their times reveal how much more efficient that method is. That will be how we do this one from now on.

Here are our times for Rusty Mower, Revolution and The 300.

Eugene 4:28, 1:58, 11:58
Lance 3:19, 2:18, 14:09
Alex 3:17, 2:43, 13:10
Jack 4:44, 1:58, 12:41
Nick 3:13, 2:04, 14:33
Grant 5:26, 1:58, 12:57


Micah said...

My times were 3:28/1:57/11:01

Of course, I always have to do something different. Since I didn't have an ABMAT or anything like that where I was I simply did crunches. Also, during the ball slams, I slammed my ball "open." On the 40th slam I saw sand coming out of a previously repaired hole. As a result, I then pretended to slam the ball and went through the motions as though I was still doing the exercise. (It seemed easier.)

Micah said...

Hey, the 300 is actually 275.

micah said...

maybe i was just too tired after the workout to count right. it's 300. my bad