Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What it looks like now

Here's the new platform. Waiting on a second horizontal bumper rack from Sorinex, the one I have is at a welder's place to have some copies made to hold all those bumpers. Note the finish on the platform. That's 7 coats of polyurathane with plenty of sanding in between. No, it is not slippery, not even when you sweat all over it.

Here's Sammie on the finished ladder. It serves to access the attic above the gym...just a storage area really, but is also for climbing up with your hands only. Here Sammie is climbing down the ladder with just her hands...not bad for a 5 year old. She makes her mom very nervous.

Here's my new logo. The homage to the Punisher skull is evident but it is different enough to not be a copy. The spear and swords are from The 300 and the font is from Blade II.

1 comment:

AB said...

very nice logo Eugene.

the equipment looks like a lot of fun as well!