Monday, March 05, 2007

Bloody Sunday

Log Lift (95 lbs of plates in the middle of a 24" piece of pipe with T's on the ends)
Tire drag (truck tires with a 36 lb kettlebell inside)

Barbell snatch (75 lbs)
Tire Flip (350 lb tire) 5 flips

Squat clean (95 lbs)
Yoke walk (145 lbs)

DL (hex bar 230 lbs)
Farmer's walk (85 lbs each hand)

We did each lift 5 times then moved the implement to the mail box - about 50 meters) - did 15 pushups, ran the rest of the way to Jennifer's house - another 150 meters - did 15 squats and then ran back to do the next thing on the list. We went through twice and finished in between 34 and 38 minutes...and a tail gunner a bit over 40. Stuart, Bob, Loree, Scott and me.

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