Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday March 12, 2007

Big Phat Helen

Run 800
21 swings with a 52 lb KB
12 pullups

The next 4 runs are 400 with the same swing and pullup numbers.

Eugene 18:41
Loree 21:37 36/blue band
Stuart 21:41
Jennifer 26:13 36/jumping pullups
Alyse 30:04 44, 36 on #5/grn band

Six months ago this workout would have taken Stuart 47 minutes or so, his cardio improvement has been that significant. He is much stronger than me and I can only beat him in things with an endurance base. He smokes me now in the strength based events. He can pull so hard on the rowing machine he torques the fan housing and makes the rower move across the floor a bit.

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