Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thrusday March 1, 2007

Row 5000 24:21
Chandra 3000 13:51
Chandra 3000 14:03
Jennifer 3000 15:01

Row (Calories)
Power Clean (115)
Thruster (35 lb dumbbells)
KB Snatch (5-4-3 each arm)
Wall Ball (20)
Ball Slams (30)


There were 7 of us so to make things easy I set up 7 events. The idea was to do all your reps and then rotate as a group. Didn't work out that way the first time and we messed up the rotation and after dwoing the two hardest exercises...for me...the power clean and the thrusters we decided to just start over again. Tough one. When we were done we did the following ab workout for 2 sets of 8 reps each.

Knees to elbows
DB situps and press (25)
Hollow rock
Back extensions on GHD
Ab roller
Leg shooters/leg throws
Tire situp - ball throws

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