Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday March 27, 2007


Dumbbells, Rocks, Odd Object Lifts. The idea here is to get a variety of ungainly, heavy things and lift each of them for a few reps for several sets. Today we DROOLed with a 70 lb KB (Alyse used 52), a 75 lb sandbag (35), a 100 lb log, (65 lb DB) a 60 lb slam ball and SPUDs. SPUDs is Swinging Push Ups and Dips. Boxes fore and aft a set of rings hung at hip height and you do a pushup, swing your legs through and do a dip...that's one. On this set of DROOL we did 4 reps of everything for 3 laps. Waaaaay harder than it sounds.

Our "log" is a 24" section of plumbing pipe with four 25 lb plates secured in the middle with screw down collars. On the ends are T-joints so you can hold the bar with a palms facing grip. The plates act as a log would in keeping the weight just far enough away to make the lift very awkward.

After we DROOLed we did Rage Ball Kick Ups. Tractor tire behind you and a slam ball in front. Do a burpee to the ball kicking your feet up onto the tire. Do a pushup and then collapse your knees so that you have your shoelaces on the tire. Keep your back straight and core tight and extend your quads so that you go up into a handstand...a short, ugly and unbalanced one for sure but what you want is to just weight your shoulders for a couple seconds. Pull your feet under you and do a squat clean, thruster the ball up into the air, catch it, press it, slam it, repeat. Do 10 as fast as you can.

Eugene 1:28
Stuart 1:35
Alyse 2:09

After that we did two killer ab moves. I put a tire up on a box and then a Pilates ball in the tire. Butt on the forward part of the ball and then stretch yourself over it and grab something solid at or near the height of your butt on the other side of the ball. With your legs straight pull your feet up and launch them into the air extending your hips and rotating a bit. We did 3 sets of 10. Then to the VASA swim trainer for what amounts to backwards ab roller movements. On the second and thirds set Stuart and I put a 30 lb ball between our legs. Six months ago Alyse couldn't do any, today she did 3 sets of 10 with most unassisted.

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