Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tuesday March 6, 2007

Three of us drug a tire up to the gate (100 yards or so uphill) by a rope walking the slack out and then pressing the tire forward. On the return we walked the slack out backwards and then did a lat pull, tricep extension.

At the same time three other rotated through a tire flip such that the flipper jumped through, the #2 jumped through and the 3rd became the flipper rotating each time.

The tire dragger/pullers were a bit faster each time so we would hit the big tire with a sledgehammer until the flippers returned.

Next three of us drug tires to the mailbox while three others carried heavy sandbags. We dumped our gear at the mailbox then ran to Jennifer's house for 15 pushups and 15 squats and returned to our own piece of gear. Once back at the starting point we switched gear and did it again.

Broad jump x 10
Walking lunges the rest of the way to the mail boxes
Caraoke about 50 yards, switch sides for 50 more yards
On the way back we did high knee runs for 40 yards, buttkickers for 40 more
Skip for about 40, bunny hop for 40 and the rest walking lunges

Power snatch 75 lbs x 3
Sprint to hydrant (25 yds round trip)
5 rounds

Stuart, Scott, Bob, Loree, Alyse adn me.

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