Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday March 21, 2007

The 300

Bob 15:44
Loree 15:23

Bob had to do some body recovery today up on Mt. Rainier and had to do a 6 mile hike into and then back out of a very difficult area over, through, around and under some gigantic trees. He was with Micah who is crazy fit (CrossFit that is) and Bob kept up with him. Micah remarked at how fit Bob had become and told him to thank me. He did. CrossFit works.

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Micah said...

Gene, Bob is fit! There were many people up there who were much younger than Bob that didn't do as much work or haul as much gear as Bob did. (This was a two day experience too!) Bob and I both worked and walked much quicker than the others. There were even a couple jokes made that our walk was like a Crossfit workout. It was recommended that we climb a tree and find a branch to do some pullups on too. (I bet we could have had we tried.)

Crossfit is for everyday life workouts!