Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday February 16, 2008

Hair of the Dog

Yesterday's Epic Hour of Power has left its mark on us all in one way or another. For Nick it's his hamstrings, for Stuart his lower back, for Dayna her biceps and forearms and for me it's between my shoulder blades. My hands each have blood blisters and lifted calluses...we needed a recovery workout.

Started with 2 x 2 minute rounds of jumprope with 30 second efforts at max reps after the first round and double unders after the second. Then an extended Burgener warm up and finally 10 rounds of Bas Rutten's boxing tape, alternating rounds of holding the focus mits with hitting them. Dayna had to take off so Nick, Stuart and I shuffled up a deck of CrossFit cards and went through about half a deck. I flipped over a card for each of us and we would do whatever exercise it said then do each of the other cards in turn. Just a variety of things like GHD situps, skin the cat, squat clean/thruster/push press, swings, ab roller, wall ball...all kinds of exercises in a mixed up order and differing reps. Just what we needed.

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