Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday February 26, 2008

Had a comment/question about the DL (190) + Box Jump

For this combo you set up your deadlift bar right next to a 30" or whatever size box you use, do one DL and then after you set the bar down immediately jump out of that position onto the box. Try to avoid standing, and then jumping. The idea is to go from a grinding effort with the lift to an explosive effort with the jump. Stand to full extension on top of the box then jump back down to your bar. Again try to move directly to the DL portion after landing.

Today was an ME day with Back Squat and Bench Press using our 5 x 5 program. We did the squat first and then after our 5 reps went right to the bench. It was Stuart, Lance and me and we were able to keep a steady rotation going even though Stuart is much stronger and had to use much heavier weights. Totally different workout than Hairball with all the running around though that suited me better. The squats were awful today because of the Ninja Mile we did.

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Thanks for the explanation!