Sunday, March 08, 2009

Saturday March 7, 2009

Ben's Back! (Get it...c'mon, that's funny).

Jeff was in a hurry and stopped by to do Samantha in 4:29, he had to go sing in a concert at a nearby private school. Interesting talents in the CF community. He does fencing too. Sheri did Air Assault in 37:29 and asked me afterwards, "What do you call that when you throw up in your mounth?" I said, "Perserverence." She said she didn't want to go find a bucket because it would mess up her time. Now THAT'S a CrossFitter. Colin did Babylon 5 in 28:55, Emily2 in 22:24 and Ben did it in 20:16. His first round was 2:30 but it slowed considerably after that. Still, a terrific, faster than most time.

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