Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday March 11, 2009

Got Air
BJ 18:21
Gia 20:10

This is a few reps into the 21's which is significant in that on rep 1 Brenda bashed herself in the teeth and chipped the left (her left) of her two front top teeth. When I did that I fixed it with a file, Brenda wants to go to the dentist...and as luck would have it Stuart is a dentist. In true CrossFitter form she stopped only long enough to check to see how much damage was done and she was right back at it.

Annie RUOK?
Eugene 14:57
Lance 15:30
Bob 16:22
Brandon 18:45
Brenda 20:07 20/60/30/12
Emily 2 10/35/15/10

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