Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday March 24, 2009

A load of chicks doing Zena this morning while Scott tore his hands up with Hour of Power. He managed a score of 774 and the loss of a lot of callous skin. Lance did some strength work starting with a walkabout. He had 135 on the bar and he walked back and forth across the gym doing a squat at each end for 20 trips.

All women in the morning, plus me and then all men in the afternoon, plus Brenda. The first event was a 3/4 body weight walk with squats. We did 2 squats then walked about 50 feet to the other end of the gym and did 2 more and walked back. The scores shown were how man single direction walks we took. The big struggle was how much it hurt our neck and shoulders.

After that we did Air Assault which is quite the lung burner...thus the name.

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