Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tuesday March 3, 2009

Scott hammered out Tanya in 3:56 so Grant has his hands full keeping ahead of everyone now. Jennifer M. did Tanya in 7:24 and Sheri in 9;51...but she did the SDLHP and ring dips for 21 reps rather than 15...habit. Oh, before Tanya Sheri knocked out Road Rage in 3:50. While that was going on I had a new guy Stock and Emily 2 do a 100, 200, 300 row alternating with the two of them going and then me going so we rested while the other rowed. Then we did 10 band sprints, 5 ring dips, 10 ball slams, 5 over unders, 10 swings and 5 pullups for 3 rounds. A nice wind sucker.

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