Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday April 4, 2007

Found some tires during yesterday's run. By the way, nobody runs here. I have not seen one runner nor one cyclist since I have been here. There do not appear to be any gyms. No one here has every heard of CrossFit. Bohemians.

Two tractor tires (full of mud, water and untold filth) arranged side by side about 50 feet apart. At one pair of tires we did three squats and then jumped out of the squat onto the tire then jumped off the tire for a burpee. That's one rep and we did 5 of those. Then you run to the middle and do 15 squats and 15 pushups. Then to the other set of tires where we flip the tire, jump on the tire, jump off the tire, jump in the tire and out the other side. Same thing back and that's one rep. We did 5 of those. We did this whole thing 3 times.

Eugene 9:33
Kyle, Zelko Pejovic, Emir Sokocevic, Bart all finished around 10:00.

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