Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday June 10, 2008

ME Squats Day SS x 20

Eugene 155
Ben 160
Alex 110
Brandon 75
Steven 125
Derek 135

Annie Are You OK

Ben 13:14
Jennifer 19:02

Ben did that amazing 13:14 for ARUOK AFTER he did his Super Squats. His theory is that he was warmed up nicely for the workout as the 160 was not all that heavy for him. Wait till Grant hears Big Ben beat him by over a minute. Derek's time of 17:48us all looking over our shoulders as well. A month ago Derek wasn't even in the same zip code...now he threatens to beat us.

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Richard said...

I just did Annie Are You OK because I didn't want to scale the main site WOD down. Thanks for posting all of your excellent and creative WODS!