Monday, June 30, 2008

Thursday June 26, 2006

Air Burst

5 BB Power Snatch (75)
10 Back Squat (135)
15 Push Press (85)
20 KB Snatch 10/10 (44)
25 Double Unders
50 Jumping Pullups
3 Rounds for Time

Alyse 19:03 Weights and jumping movements modified

Ft. Lewis Mud Run Course
About 6k of the 7k course


Toni said...

That Mud Run practice run was fun. I'm looking forward to Friday. Hopefully we won't make a wrong turn again and only do 6 of the 7 K.

Micah said...

I did Air Burst today (7-4-08) but I added some weight to it. I made the push presses and the snatches 95 pounds so I didn't have to change weights. My time was two minutes better than the last time I did this workout too. I completed it in 18:27.

John said...

Seven days of light duty nursing rib injury from training sucked the life out of me. Completed today - 23:07 BW -204lbs Back Squats at 225lbs (this got real heavy fast), Push Press at 95lbs.