Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday October 19, 2007

5 Barbell Snatches (75)
Burpee - jump through two side by side big tires
Burpee - 2 consecutive pullovers
Push press with 105 lbs on on the phat bar
10 Pullups
10 Ring Pushups
Climb over the cargo net
10 Box Jumps
3 rounds for time

Eugene 10:35
Charles 10:40
Cris 10:56
Stuart 12:00
Bob 12:05
Jason 12:10
Alyse 13:47

For some reason Jason felt compelled to do Grace today so we loaded up a bar and he did it in a very respectable 3:50 and had his friend Charles do it with him and he finished in 5:55. This was Charles' second day in the gym. Then Cris and I did it but we had to use lighter weights. Cris used 95 and I did 115. Cris got 3:39 and I did 4:46. Not my strong suit.

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