Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday October 13, 2007

Net - Ladder - Rope

SPUDS - Swinging Pushups and Dips
DROOL - Dumbbells, Rocks and Odd Object Lifts

Steel log, heavy bag, 60 lb ball, DL and Box Jump, Push Press 95, Ring Dips, Pullups, KB Clean and Jerk 52 lbs x 2 - 3 rounds

KB Waiters walk to mail box (50 yards or so) switch hands and another 50 yards, DARC walking swing, walking press, two hand flip and walk to end. Return with around the body pass and lunge step pass through the forward leg, walking press, DARC walking swing and waiter's walk with each hand.

Dustin, Cris, Jason, Emily, Alexix, Stuart, Bob and me.

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