Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday October 26, 2007

Spinal Tap

Run up hill 100 meters and then back down
25 Air Squats
25 2-hand Swings (44)
25 Snatches each hand (36)
25 Pullups

4 rounds for time

Eugene 29:59
Stuart 31:09
Bob 32:23
Jason 34:10
Dustin 34:18

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Micah said...

Good Lord, I HATED NEARLY EVERY MINUTE OF THIS WORKOUT!!!!!!! I have to admit that after the first round, I thought about just quitting the whole damn thing! The 75 straight reps of swings and snatches sucked (all the wind out of my lungs)! Then I had to think about the pull-ups. I actually had to drop from the bar after the first ten pull-ups and catch my breath. So when I finally completed the friggin' pull-ups, the last thing I wanted to think about was the fact I still had three more friggin' rounds to go. You know, those rounds never seem to go faster either. The only respite in this whole dang workout was the "Air Squats." I say respite because it seemed to be the only time I could actually get a full breath of air. And, when I say "full breath" I say that half-heartedly too. Due to the side-ache I suffered after the first run, it never felt like I could get a full breath of air. I forget, did I mention I didn't like this workout? Round two wasn't much better and round three sucked ass! The only thing good about round three was knowing I only had one more round to go. And as far as round four went, I'm not afraid to admit that the last few snatches (from both arms) probably weren't all that pretty. The arms were sometimes noodle-like and the legs weren't moving much no matter how hard I tried to jump underneath the arms. And as I mentioned earlier, the mere thought of another 25 pull-ups made me want to walk away. The task almost seemed insurmountable. But what the hell, I stuck with it and did as many as I could in a row (I think it was three). Then, in a style that would probably embarass most die-hard pull-up people, I kipped the hell (I'm not kidding either--I kipped the living hell)out of the remaining bunch and probably made some of them look more like "jumping pull-ups" too. I'm sure that to the uninformed, it looked like I was having a seizure while hanging from the bar--body contorting, swinging and kicking wildly, face grimacing, tears streaming, etc... However, I did finish the workout. It wasn't pretty but I did finish. I did not quit!

Oh yeah, just for noting my history stuff, because I did this stuff at Bally's, I used dumbbells in lieu of kettlebells and instead of a 100 yard run uphill, I ran about 300 yards (multiple times around the gym) instead. My final time was 31:08.

Now that I've vented, I'd just like to add... Can't wait to do this one again sometime and see where I stand.. Bring it! Gene, you're a master!