Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday October 18, 2007


Run 400
21 Swings (52 lb KB)
12 Pullups

Cris 8:16
Eugene 9:05
Charles 9;20 (44) - first day in the gym
Stuart 9:50
Jack 11:02
Bob 11:10
Alex 11:17 (36) 13 years old
Toni 12:45 (36) - second day in the gym

Cris (Cristobal) runs like a freaking gazelle on crack. Man he is fast. No way I could keep up with that guy. His Air Force buddies warned me that he was fast and that he just runs for fun. Smoked us all.

Set up a pair of 36's, 44's, 52's and a 72 in a line. Did 6 presses with the 36's, moved to the 44's and did 6 push presses, then to the 52's for 6 push jerks. Then finished it off with 3 single push jerks with the 72.

After that we did a variety of swings, flips, and release moves with the kettlebells and then when that was done did 25 snatches each arm with 52's or 44's.

Abs next with some wipers, pull overs, 360 leg circles, knee ups and the like. Great workout.

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