Friday, October 26, 2007

Wednesday October 24, 2006

CrossFit Total

Jason total 805 with a 265 squat, 135 press and 405 deadlift
Chuck total 655 with a 265 squat, 145 press and 245 deadlift
Stuart total 895 with a 295 squat, 175 press and 425 deadlift


Jesse said...

Nice work on the totals! How did you guys get your deads so much higher than your squats??! Let me in on the secret - I've done a 485 sq in competition (USAPL) and at that meet a 475 dl, but if I was doing it like you guys i'd DL like 605 or something just nutbar?! Any special exercises or just good ole' CrossFit madness?

Micah said...

I did this today (10-27).
Squat 285
Push Press 145
Dead Lift 385

total 815

Micah said...

I think it has to be that a crossfit squat seems to go deeper than most. As a result, they probably aren't as heavy.