Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday March 3, 2008


Stick Time 24:14
Samantha 5:27

Air Burst

5 BB Snatch (75)
10 Back Squat (115)
15 Push Press (85)
20 KB Snatch (44) 10/10
25 Double Unders
50 Jumping Pullups
3 Rounds for Time

Eugene 13:07
Grant 14:16
Scott 18:20
Lance 18:11
Toni DNF - Thigh pull

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Micah said...

This was a brutal day for me. I did 'Grace' first. 4:21 using 135lbs. It hurt. Then I did 'Air Burst.' It hurt even worse. I was pretty much wiped out from 'Grace.' It took me 20:35 to complete. Normally, I usually fly through double unders but it felt as though I couldn't get my feet up high enough most of the time. I kept missing. Then the jumping pullups killed me. For some reason I can never do those very quick. And today's workout was no different. I could do about 10 at a time before having to stop. I just couldn't catch my breath. Those things slowed my time considerably.