Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday March 1, 2008

Stick Time

Eugene 16:44
Stuart 17:57
Dayna 18:19

Samantha (95 lbs)

Eugene 2:43
Stuart 2:47
Dayna 3:35

Stuart was faster on the press, push press, push jerk sequence but I was a bit faster on the pullups and able to catch up and get to the bar a second or two in front of him. He finished before me again on the 2nd round but had to break up the pullups again which gave me 3 or 4 seconds going into round 3. The last round found me on the pullup bar first and that gave me the couple second edge. I also arranged my rack to be just a step away from the pullup bar while Stuart (and Dayna as well) used the squate cage which was several steps away. Stuart said it didn't matter, if he was at the bar sooner he would have rested a few seconds longer anyway. This is a great coupling of workouts because Stick Time is a leg and lung smoker while Samantha smokes your shoulders and grip.

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Micah said...

My Stick Time: 17:27

My Samantha: 3:29

Oh mama! My legs and arms got a workout today!