Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mae West

Two big tires side by side (thus the name) with the following implements surrounding them:

At the crease where the two tires touch are 25 lb D-balls. The indent of the tires allows for a space for your head when you do burpees and you jump one foot on each tire.

Looking at the tires like a pair of headlights at 1 o'clock on the right tire is the hex bar loaded to 200 lbs for DL and tire jump. At 5 o'clock is a pair of 36 lb kettlebells for clean-squat-thruster. At 7 o'clock is one of the D-balls. Around 8 o'clock on the left tire is a 115 lb barbell for clean and jerk, At 10 o'clock is 75 lbs for the snatch at 12 o'clock is a pair of 35 lb dumbbells for Colleen and jerk with a burpee and then in the crease is the other D-Ball.

Two laps around is a great warm up, more for a full on workout.

Tire Trouble Chandra 18:00, Jennifer 18:40, Eug 15:08, Gary 16:36. Pushup - Pullup - Rollup

PM Workout Scott

Pushup - Pullup - Rollup

DB Thruster
Tire Rage
Hammer Hits

16-12-8 in 10:09

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