Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tuesday April 18, 2006

Snatch-Front Squat-Thruster x 3
Sprint uphill 40 yards

x 8 rotationg through 4 people

Tire Trouble - 2 drag tires, 2 big tires, 2 sledgehammers

Two people drag the tires to the mailbox, shed the tires, do 10 pushups, run to the garbage cans do 10 hollow rocks, then run to Jennifer's house for 10 squats. Run all the way back to the start (200 yards) and do 10 hammer hits and 10 tire jumps. The other two start with the hammer hits and tire jumps and when done run to the mail box pick up the drag harnesses and run the tires to the garbage can after doing the 10 pushups. Alternate like this until the tires make it all the way to and from Jennifer's driveway.

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