Friday, October 31, 2008


Kelsie's Naptime

Barron 18:23
Chris 19:58
Andy 20:10
Jeremy 20:30
Philip 20:50
Joel 21:46
Tim 25:00
Jim 25:30

Andy is an Army Captain and a company commander. Fitness is important to him and since it is important to him, it's important to them. He brought a group of them to the gym at 0600 and they did Kelsie's Naptime. Even though some of them were not familiar with power cleans or teh push press, they still moved through the worout very well. Hopefully this introduction of CrossFit to the staff of this unit will work its way down to the soldier level.


Andy said...

Thanks, Gene! The guys and I had a great time. I think you might have some Crossfit converts.

Andy said...
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