Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sunday October 5, 2008

Travel day to NM via El Paso for a week long class in dealing with the suicide bomber. We are the only tactical guys the rest are people from transit agencies, admin folks from various LE agencies, fire, ambulance, a fed and others I am probably forgetting. The weather out here is perfect, the trip went well and we are in a Holiday Inn in Deming for the week.

Went to a restaurant called the Adobe Deli which looked EXACTLY like the bar in From Dusk Till Dawn. We drove for miles to get there and waaaay out in the middle of no place we find this beat up looking dump with a decrepit windmill out in front, 3 cars in the dirt lot and once inside the movie look continued. If there weren't 18 of us I think we would have left. We all decided that we saw any vampire looking people we would cut out.

Glad we didn't. The ribs came on a huge metal rod and fell off the bone. The pork shoulder was perfect, my ribeye was the best I have ever eaten. Incredible food. I have pics but they don't want to upload for some reason. My connection is very slow here.

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